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Fuerte hotels

Looking for a hotel chain in the Andalusia region? Fuerte Hotels is a Spanish hotel chain located in the region of Andalusia.

At Fuerte Hotels we always take the needs of all our guests into account, which is why we have launched a new special menu for guests with gluten intolerances

Due to the increasing demand for gluten-free options in their restaurants, they decided years ago to create a special gluten-free menu. Recognizing that it is and can be difficult to find a gluten-free hotel, they want to do everything in this to make it as easy as possible for guests. This menu has been prepared in accordance with all the conditions of the Spanish Celiac Association (FACE).

Furthermore, they have also trained the staff internally in preparing gluten-free meals so that there is no cross-contamination.

Not only making it easy, but also making a gluten-free overnight stay in one of their hotels fun. Because gluten-free food doesn’t have to be boring. And they know that too! As they themselves state:

There is no reason why a gluten-free diet should be boring.

Would you like to know what they have to offer? Here is an image of their gluten-free menu: