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Finding a suitable gluten-free hotel is, in the vast majority of cases, an important part of booking a gluten-free vacation. Whether you’re planning a city break or an all-inclusive vacation, finding suitable gluten-free accommodation remains an important part of the preparations.

We do our best to provide a complete overview for both finding gluten-free hotels abroad so that you don’t have to do all the work yourself. We have various tips to find the best gluten-free hotels, from small hotels to large hotel chains where gluten-free enjoyment comes first. We will add more and more new hotels as time goes by. If you don’t want to miss anything, follow my social media channels or subscribe to my newsletter!

Hotels with gluten-free food

Given that in most cases you want to eat at the hotel, you are dependent on the kitchen. Namely, can they accommodate gluten-free dietary needs? In my own experience, in some countries it’s easy to find a gluten-free hotel.

You can often contact the hotel when booking to indicate that gluten-free food needs to be taken into account. Most hotels want to know this in advance so that they can prepare, because there may not be a standard supply of, for example, gluten-free bread or other gluten-free food.

However, it varies from country to country, as well as from hotel to hotel. One hotel may say they offer gluten-free food, but in practice that may mean just a few pre-packaged Schär crakcers while the toppings are among all the gluten products….

So proper preparation is very important. We try to list only the best hotels in most cases, but it can also happen that the gluten-free offer at a particular hotel is not completely great. You always remain responsible yourself! So pay attention to this and always inform yourself well in advance.

Gluten-free hotel abroad

Finding a suitable hotel abroad is always exciting. Is the language barrier a factor or do they really understand that it can make you very ill? During your vacation, you want to avoid being out of the running for a few days because of cross-contamination.

In some countries it is no trouble at all to find a suitable hotel, while there are also countries where this is not so easy. In addition, there are also large differences within all suitable hotels. One hotel may take this into account more than another by offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, for example. You will also find hotels which indicate that they can provide gluten-free meals, but only offer a simple breakfast.

In which countries can you find hotels with a gluten-free diet?

Here you will find the best gluten-free hotels


Most populair gluten-free destinations

Hotels in Spain

Gluten-Free Hotels Spain

Hotels in italy

gluten free hotel italy

hotels in Greece

gluten free hotel Greece

Hotels in Croatia

gluten free hotels Croatia

Hotels in France

gluten free hotels France

All Destinations

gluten free hotels Germany

As you can see, you can have a wonderful vacation in a variety of gluten-free hotels. So you don’t have to worry that you won’t find anything in most tourist destinations.

Looking to Book a gluten-free hotel?

The hotels I mention on my website offer the possibility of offering gluten-free meals. Still, there are some things you should consider before booking a hotel:

Always contact the hotel in advance to pass on gluten-free dietary needs.

This also applies to hotels that indicate they can always accommodate gluten-free dietary needs. They may always need to prepare or replenish supplies.

Try to find reviews about the hotel and gluten-free food. I notice from most of my readers’ responses that they still find it exciting to book. By reading (good) reviews from fellow sufferers, you reassure yourself a bit. Do you have questions about a specific hotel? Leave a message via the contact form. We have a huge database ourselves with lots of information!

Google for example “glutenfree” in combination with the hotel name. Also try to use the local translation. Want to know more about a Spanish hotel for example? Use “sin gluten” in combination with the hotel name.

Finally, you can always put the question to a travel operator. So suppose you book a vacation through a Sunweb, Corendon or a TUI, they can also request information on your behalf from various hotels and check their database. Why reinvent the wheel? So be sure to make use of this as well.

Do you still have doubts about a specific hotel? Please feel free to contact us. We have a database full of information where we can also do something for you!

Gluten-free Hotels with gluten-free breakfast

For everyone who is looking for a nice vacation in a hotel where they can also arrange gluten-free breakfast, we have created a complete overview of various hotel chains in Europe where you are guaranteed a wonderful stay with gluten-free breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

RIU Hotels RIU hotels & resorts

Garden Hotels Garden Hotels

Fuerte Hotels Fuerte hotels

Best Hotels Best hotels

Iberostar Hotels Iberostar hotels

Senator Hotels Senator hotels

servigroup hotels gluten free servigroup hotels

mitsis hotels

mirage park resort

valamar hotels gluten free valamar hotels en resorts

dunas hotels gluten free dunas hotels

evenia hotels gluten free evenia hotels

*Please note: I personally always recommend contacting each hotel in advance. This way the hotel can prepare itself and you won’t have any surprises!

Haven’t found the ideal gluten-free vacation yet? Then feel free to look further!

Gluten-Free hotels alcudia garden


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