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Gluten free hotel Italy

Looking for a gluten-free hotel in Italy? Italy is well known when it comes to gluten-free food. Together with its wonderful climate and beautiful regions and cities, it offers all the ingredients for a wonderful gluten-free vacation. Would you like to know more about gluten-free Italian cuisine? Then read “gluten-free eating in Italy”. This is where I tell you in broad outline about my experience with gluten-free food in Italy. To give a brief summary: you can eat very well there if you are intolerant to gluten. The fact that I saw a menu there with 100 pizzas that could all be ordered gluten-free made up for the entire vacation (in contrast to the Netherlands, where I’m sometimes lucky if it’s possible).

In order to make the choice for a certain region easier, I have at least briefly described where I was able to enjoy the surroundings and delicious food in Italy. Read “gluten-free vacations in Italy”.

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