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Gluten-Free Croatia

Discovering gluten-free Croatia? Croatia is a very beautiful vacation destination in the Balkans on the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful nature, clear blue water, and wonderful temperatures. Croatia has become a very popular vacation destination for many Dutch people. Gluten-free and gluten-free. It is more than suitable for both a flight and car vacation. You can book a hotel or go camping; it’s all possible!

How good is Croatia gluten-free? It is possible! And that includes a vacation in this wonderful country. Would you like to know more about gluten-free food in Croatia or how to find and book accommodation? Then read on!

Gluten-free food in Croatia?

Fortunately, you can eat gluten-free in Croatia in most restaurants. In addition, there is always a supermarket in Croatia where you can buy gluten-free products. Of course, don’t forget to take your diet pass with you! You will need it in Croatia. You can take a diet translation with you in the language of your vacation destination. This is a so-called “diet pass”. It explains briefly and powerfully what a gluten-free diet means and what needs to be taken into account. They can be purchased through the Dutch Celiac Association. Are you a member? Then you can download it for free. They are also available in a credit card format. See their webshop

Gluten-Free Supermarket Croatia

Most supermarkets in Croatia sell gluten-free products. Just make sure that you look carefully, for example, if you see a gluten-free logo. Are you in doubt? Ask the staff and if necessary show your diet pass. Some supermarkets also have a separate gluten-free section. Some examples of gluten-free supermarkets in Croatia are:

  • Konzum
  • DM dry goods market
  • Müller Dryerija
  • Ljekarna Snajdar
  • Spar

Gluten-free hotel Croatia

To make your gluten-free vacation in Croatia complete, we have put together an overview of the best gluten-free hotels in Croatia. You can book these hotels through our various partners. Is there one missing that you think should be there? Then please contact us!