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Gluten-free hotel Málaga

Find a gluten-free hotel in Malaga? Málaga is ideal for a wonderful beach vacation in the south of Spain where you can go in all directions and plan many enjoyable excursions. Would you like to know more about gluten-free food in Spain in general? Read more about this at “gluten-free eating in Spain”.

In order to make the search for a gluten-free hotel in Málaga easier, I have compiled a list below of hotels that can accommodate gluten-free dietary requirements. Google around the hotel name in combination with “gluten” and you’ll find various reviews left and right about the gluten-free stay of various guests. This always gives an extra safe feeling to book a gluten-free hotel in Málaga. Keep an eye on my website, because the more hotels I find that meet our gluten-free requirements, the more I post. I will try to categorize as much as possible by region so that your search becomes a little easier too.

Gluten-free hotel Málaga

See below which hotels are suitable to stay in with gluten-free dietary requirements. Is there one missing according to you? Then let me know and I’ll add it immediately!

Parador Gibralfaro

Gluten free booking girona

Zenit Malaga

Barceló Malaga

Tryp Malaga Hotel

Gluten free booking girona

Parador Golf

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*Please note: I personally always recommend contacting each hotel in advance. That way the hotel can prepare itself and you won’t have any surprises!

Couldn’t find a gluten-free hotel in Málaga?
The hotels listed above are hotels where gluten-free dietary needs can be taken into account. Have you found another hotel in Malaga? Feel free to contact them and explain the situation. In Spain, you can arrange a lot of things when it comes to gluten-free food. If you know of a hotel that is not on my list, please let me know! I’ll add it to my list immediately.