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Gluten-free hotel Tenerife

Want to find a gluten-free hotel in Tenerife? You can! Of all the Canary Islands, Tenerife is the largest. Tenerife is very popular as a vacation destination since you can go there practically all year round because of the wonderful temperatures. This allows you to go outside the school vacations so it is even more advantageous! Therefore, the periods around spring and autumn are the busier periods in the Canary Islands.

With its beautiful scenery, special attractions and various villages and towns to stroll through, Tenerife offers enough to celebrate a wonderful vacation. This has made Tenerife a popular vacation destination among many for many years. Tenerife is a region that falls under Spain. As I described in my blog “gluten-free eating in Spain“, it is quite possible to score delicious and carefree gluten-free meals here! Would you like to know which hotels in Tenerife cater to your gluten-free dietary needs? Then read on.

Gluten-free hotels in Tenerife

To make it easier, I have a list below of hotels that indicate that they can accommodate gluten-free dietary needs. I always do my best to keep the list as up-to-date as possible and add to it as soon as I find more suitable hotels.

Just Google around the hotel name in combination with “gluten” and you’ll find various reviews left and right about the gluten-free stay of various guests. It always gives you that extra feeling of security you need to book a gluten-free Tenerife hotel. Keep an eye on my website, because the more hotels I find that meet our gluten-free requirements, the more I post. I will try to categorize as many hotels as possible by region so that your search will be a little easier.

  • Hotel Melia Jardines del Teide
  • Hotel Playacanaria Spa
  • Hotel Botánico
  • Hotel Best Tenerife
  • Hotel Riu Buena Vista
  • Hotel Riu Arecas
  • Hotel Riu Garoe
  • Hotel Riu Palace Tenerife
  • H10 Conquistador
  • H10 Las Palmeras
  • Jardin Tropical

*Please note: I personally always recommend contacting each hotel in advance. This way the hotel can prepare itself and you won’t have any surprises!