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Eating gluten-free in scotland

How my husband and I discored eating gluten-free in Scotland is a great experiende. On November 1, 2018, my husband and I said yes to each other. As icing on the cake that day, my brother and sister gave us a far too crazy wedding gift: a honeymoon trip to Edinburgh. Since my husband and … Read more

The best gluten-free apps

When traveling gluten-free abroad, it can be handy to have instant, quick & easy information so you can easily find a gluten-free store or restaurant. Sometimes you can take your chances of course and in countries like Spain and Italy you can actually leave practically unprepared, but even there it can be handy to enlist … Read more

Gluten-free eating in italy

“Senza Glutine” Gluten-free eating in Italy? Before I delved a little into destinations that were suitable for me as a celiac patient, I never would have dared hope that Italy would be one of them. In fact, in retrospect, Italy turns out to be my number one destination for a gluten-free vacation. I never expected … Read more

Gluten-free eating in Spain

Before you read any further about gluten-free eating in Spain, let me start by assuring you finding gluten-free products in Spain is an easy task. Want to know more about gluten-free eating Spain? Read on! Eating gluten-free in Spain Gluten-free food in Spain? It’s possible in the land of tapas and paella! Very well, in … Read more