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Gluten-free eating in France

Gluten-free food in France: A gluten-free voyage of discovery or not? France, the land of croissants and wines, beautiful purple landscapes filled with lavender and a rich culture and history. For many Dutch people a dream destination. We also see this reflected in the number of visitors, tips and questions we receive regarding France. Especially … Read more

5x Gluten-free hotspots: gluten-free eating in tuscany

Gluten-free eating in Tuscany. A challenge or a surprise? If you are familiar with our website then by now you know that I am a big fan of Italy! So far I haven’t found a place where they are better at preparing gluten-free food. No dry rolls or boring boiled potatoes, but really carefree enjoyment … Read more

Eating gluten-free in the Netherlands

Gluten-free eating in the Netherlands Since I myself am from the Netherlands, it makes sense that I will also represent my country! With a gluten-free vacation you might quickly think of faraway countries with sun, sea and beaches. This is of course not surprising, since we often seek out other countries because of climate or … Read more

Eating gluten-free in scotland

How my husband and I discored eating gluten-free in Scotland is a great experiende. On November 1, 2018, my husband and I said yes to each other. As icing on the cake that day, my brother and sister gave us a far too crazy wedding gift: a honeymoon trip to Edinburgh. Since my husband and … Read more

The best gluten-free apps

When traveling gluten-free abroad, it can be handy to have instant, quick & easy information so you can easily find a gluten-free store or restaurant. Sometimes you can take your chances of course and in countries like Spain and Italy you can actually leave practically unprepared, but even there it can be handy to enlist … Read more

Eating Gluten-free in italy

In short, you can find SUPER GOOD places to eat gluten-free here. Don’t hesitate and book your next vacation or city break to Italy. “Senza glutine”…. the magic words of Italy. My husband and I fell in love with Italy as a vacation destination because of its climate, delicious food and beautiful sights. But why … Read more

Gluten-free eating in Spain

Before you read any further about gluten-free eating in Spain, let me start by assuring you finding gluten-free products in Spain is an easy task. Want to know more about gluten-free eating Spain? Read on! Eating gluten-free in Spain Gluten-free food in Spain? It’s possible in the land of tapas and paella! Very well, in … Read more