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Gluten-Free France

Gluten-free France: Discover France “Sans gluten”

Discover the gluten-free world of gluten France
Gluten-free France! Who doesn’t immediately think of gluten-free baguettes or gluten-free crepes? Fortunately, the French kitchen is also becoming increasingly familiar with the gluten-free world. Since France is one of the top three most popular vacation destinations for the average Dutchman, it is also a favorite for gluten-free travelers. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a nice glass of wine and a piece of cheese by the Mediterranean Sea?

Besides the wonderful climate, beautiful scenery, and friendly people, the French cuisine is also known as a quality of France. From my own experience and that of my readers, I know that on average it is not equally easy to eat out spontaneously in France as it is, for example, very well possible in Italy or Spain!

You will be fine in France if you are going to take care of your food. Gluten-free camping in France is therefore highly recommended and very doable! In France, you will find various supermarkets with a gluten-free range of well-known brands such as Schär and Genius, among others. Would you like to know which supermarkets they are? On “gluten-free supermarkets abroad” I have created a small overview of most destinations. Also for France!

Of course, camping makes it even easier if you come with your transport. Do you doubt that you can find enough food locally? Then fill up your trunk in the Netherlands!

Are you well prepared for a gluten-free vacation to France? Take a look at my checklist! It’s a simple step-by-step plan to be 100% prepared.

Gluten-free vacations in France: the possibilities
France offers endless possibilities for a vacation. You can almost always be sure of good weather and it’s a large country with plenty of places to explore. In the north, there is a chance of less weather compared to the south of course. Outside the seasons you will also encounter less weather, but that should not spoil the fun!

I am very familiar with the south of France. Places like Montpellier, Argeles sur Mer, Perpignan, Serignan, Frotignan or Marseille. These are enchanting places with plenty of opportunities for a gluten-free vacation in France!

In the south of France, you will find a lot of tourism. In my experience, in countries like France, it is easier to find something gluten-free in the more touristy areas than in the less touristy areas.

The biggest question remains, will there be any gluten-free food in France?

By far the most questions I get regarding France being gluten-free is how about the gluten-free world of Paris. Fortunately, there are plenty of gluten-free options in the city of Romance! That’s the beauty of France. On the one hand, you can seek out the palm trees with sun, sea, and beach and on the other, you can soak up the bustling metropolis atmosphere in Paris. What are the gluten-free options in Paris?

  • 465 eateries for gluten-free shopping
  • 51 restaurants for gluten-free eating out in Paris
  • +/- Around 50 gluten-free hotels in Paris
  • Plus, you always have McDonald’s!

Gluten-free eating in France

Gluten-free eating in France is not always an easy task. Going out for a quick or spontaneous meal like in Spain or Italy is not always possible. In combination with a language barrier, this can sometimes be very difficult. So don’t forget to bring your gluten-free French translation with you beforehand!

Gluten-free supermarket France

Fortunately, the large hypermarkets in France are now well aware of gluten-free products. Almost all large hypermarches have a section where these types of products are sold. So you know that in an emergency (no restaurant or hotel with gluten-free food) you can always go to a supermarket to get something there. A couple of examples:

  • Lidl
  • Intermarche
  • Carrefour
  • Hypermarches E. Leclerc
  • Auchan
  • Systeme U
  • Aldi

I have come across delicious gluten-free products in Carrefour that I, for example, do not easily find in the Netherlands. Delicious gluten-free schnitzels and sandwiches. Furthermore, you can find on a list of more than 3000 places where it is possible to find gluten-free groceries in France.

Fortunately, gluten-free France also has restaurants where you can find a gluten-free meal (sans gluten in French). However, you should always take your diet passport with you! That way you can avoid surprises and disappointment.

Gluten-free” French lesson

  • Gluten-free in French = Sans Gluten
  • I eat gluten-free
  • I have celiac disease.
  • Produits sans gluten / Products without gluten
  • Le blé / Wheat

Gluten-free hotel France
Looking for a gluten-free hotel in France? Then click through and take a look at the overview. I will expand the overview as I have more information. Do you have a hotel tip for me? Then let me know about it. I will then immediately add the hotel to the overview.